Has Being Politically Correct Taken over Common Sense? Well, You Can’t Please Everyone

School lunchBy Dawn Cranfield

Has Being Politically Correct Taken over Common Sense? Well, You Can’t Please Everyone

Dianne Brame, an elementary school cafeteria manager in Hudson Elementary in Webster Groves, MO, has been fired from her position for giving food to a hungry student.  She allowed the student to become $35 further behind on than the $10 allowed on his school lunch card, and she provided began providing him with regular lunches instead of the standard cheese sandwiches typically given to students who cannot pay.

Brame’s altruistic behavior was seen as stealing; perhaps, but to her, she “thought it was just taking care of a kid.”  (fox2now.com)  Obviously not so in this politically correct world; Brame’s supervisor gave her the choice to leave or take a demoted position in another school.  She felt she had no choice but to leave, the school was nearby; her husband died recently and her car has been repossessed.  While she does have the right to appeal the decision, Brame states that she will decline; she understands she went against protocol and would probably not win.

Another school is in the news for making recent headlines; Jordan/Jackson Elementary in Mansfield, MA, has opted to cancel their traditional holiday winter performance.  The festive concert celebrated the season with pieces reflecting Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and was performed by the schools 4th and 5th grade classes.

However, this year the voices of the children were silenced; after last year’s recital several mothers and fathers complained about the religious content of the program.  Bah Humbug.

So, instead of celebrating the joyous holiday season, the principal has announced there will be a Martin Luther King, Jr. themed performance pcscheduled for next month.  I can only imagine how excited the children will be as they learn all of the traditional MLK songs to entertain the audience.

Still, it is not just schools that cannot seem to get out from under the umbrella of trying to please everybody by not pleasing anybody.  TSA has stepped on their own toes again by following protocol to a T and not simply using common sense.  Tammy Daniels 12-year-old wheelchair bound daughter was held up for an hour by screeners as they scrutinized her and her belongings for explosive material.

Apparently they found chemicals used in the making of bombs, fertilizer; however, when Daniels explained they had chickens and the 12-year-old had wheeled her way all over their property, screeners did not listen.  Additionally, they kept the girl separated from her mother and brought her to tears as they examined her things before finally determining the little girl with brittle bone disease was not another Timothy McVeigh.

While we all want to ensure the safety of every flight we take, or even the flights we don’t; there comes a point where somebody has to use some sense and not take it over the top.  At the very least, let the little girl’s mother sit with her when you can see she is crying.

I love this country, I do not want to live anywhere but in the United States; still, it is somewhat disconcerting that we are continually losing TSAloved traditions in order to please the masses, or we see people fired when they are being good and kind citizens, and it is especially egregious when our youngest citizens are harassed because people do not have the power to think their way out of a paper bag.





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