It’s Time America Accept Gay Marriages

When Being a Bigot Doesn’t Pay

It's Time America Accept Gay Marriages

A lucrative Maryland business, part of which performs marriage ceremonies, is ceaing to operate that part of their business which profits 50,000 dollars a year.

Matt Grubbs, owner of Discover Annapolis Tours, made the decision to avoid discrimination lawsuits. He shuttled wedding couples in old fashioned trolley cars around the area.

“We’re a Christian-owned business, and we are not able to lend support to gay marriages,” Grubbs wrote to one prospective client.

“And as a public accommodation, we cannot discriminate between gay or straight couples, so we had to stop doing all wedding transportation.”

This is the first case known of someone who is willing to lose money and follow the teachings of a minister or pastor who is obviously un-Christian. He needs to go back and read his bible where Christ preached to His followers that all men are equal under the eyes of God, and “judge not, lest ye be judged”.

It’s time for America to grow up and lose religion as the only guideline for how we live our lives. We must learn to balance the good parts of religious belief with the bad, and only follow what is right.

Maryland’s law is effective January 1st.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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