NRA convinced Americans to arming teachers and principals

It’s a Dumb Idea

The gun nuts are wrong again. The NRA has convinced some feeble minded Americans that arming principals and/or teachers will protect our school children. Have they the ability to think logically in any way? Here are the facts why it’s a very dumb idea.

Well trained police and military marksmen will tell you that minimal training in the use of a handgun will only get you killed. In a crisis situation, with adrenaline flowing, the average gun owner cannot hit a target six feet away. A teacher, whose natural concern would be for his or her students, would have a heart rate so high that they would become a target, not a deterrent. In this scenario, having a gun in your hand would make you the first to be killed.

In Aurora, Newtown, and Monroe County, New York, the killers used assault rifles. A hand gun is no match for such a weapon. So do we arm teachers with assault rifles? If we do, where do we put them during class to prevent a deadly accident? If they’re safe, how quickly could a teacher access them? Would they be loaded or un-loaded? How do we train teachers to be effective with them and not kill innocent children while firing dozens of rounds in seconds?

To think that teachers could have protected their children at Sandy Hook Elementary with handguns is just plain wrong. In the case of James Holmes, the villain in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, he was wearing a bullet proof vest. I never read if Adam Lanza was wearing a vest or not, but he could have been. Is the NRA telling me that a terrified teacher must make a clean head shot to nullify an attacker? It sure sounds like it.

We must become a civilized nation. The second amendment does not give citizens the right to have guns of any type. It was designed to give our new country protection from an attack by another country. With no army, ordinary citizens would be called upon to protect our boundaries.

The debate over gun control of some form should not happen. We must have a change in the way we think. It is so easy for anyone to obtain the most destructive of weapons that all too frequently criminals are better armed than the police.

One human life lost through the use of a gun is one too many. There are so many concerns in England about death by handgun that only detectives are allowed to carry loaded weapons.

The NRA is nothing more than a well funded lobby. All lobbies are detrimental to “getting the right thing done” in our legislature. There are no lobbies for the working class or the poor. Supposedly that is why we elect congressmen and senators who protect our rights, our needs. Instead they receive “perks” from lobbyists, whose voices become louder than ours. And, to them, they listen.

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