What is the Connection Between World Ranked Tennis Star Andy Murray and the Newtown Tragedy?

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

By Dawn Cranfield

What is the Connection Between World Ranked Tennis Star Andy Murray and the Newtown Tragedy?

Working out at the gym this morning, I was at first wholly irritated when I saw a newsflash regarding a Facebook announcement by Andy Murray about the Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy.  Several thoughts immediately came to mind; are we so desperate for news that everything a star or athlete tweets or posts immediately becomes newsworthy?  Exactly who is Andy Murray and why should I care about what he posts on Facebook?  And, what does he care about anything happening on our side of the world?

I resisted the urge to look away from the monitor and continued to read the closed captioning; my perseverance paid off and I was rewarded with a heart-warming story that wiped away my original irritation and brought tears to my eyes and chill to my flesh.

Murray, 25, is a Scottish tennis player, ranked number 3 in the world, and number British Number 1.

Murray posted, “My heart goes out to all those poor children, their families and the community in Newtown in Connecticut, so, so sad” to his Facebook account over the weekend.

When Murray was just 8 years-old, he and his older brother were survivors of what The Dunblane Massacre; a mass school shooting at his primary school where 16 children, a teacher, and the gunman were killed.  The shooter, a former youth group and boy’s group leader, had cut wires to the school, entered the gymnasium where the children were gathered and open-fired, killing the 16 children and their teacher.  He then Hitting Backwalked outside and shot into a mobile classroom, bullets hitting books and equipment, before returning to the gymnasium and committing suicide.

In his book Hitting Back published in 2009, Murray discusses his ordeal, but states he was too young to truly understand what was happening at the time.  “The weirdest thing is that we knew the guy (Thomas Hamilton),” Murray writes in the book.  (usatoday.com)

Our world is becoming smaller; technology connects us in a way that allows us to connect us to people all over the earth in a matter of seconds.  We can have “friends” by simply creating a Facebook page or blog and instantly become liked; it used to take time to develop connections, to get to know people, especially across the ocean.

However, it seems as if it is getting smaller in other ways; I hear more stories of people with happenstance connections to somebody, call it fate, kismet, or destiny.  We all have this mutual thread between us, the human race; this ability to touch each other, to have something in common…

imagesPerhaps it is the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.





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