49ers Arrive in New Orleans

49ers Arrive in New Orleans


0ap2000000131537_video_rhr_210Sunday night the San Francisco 49ers’ plane arrived in New Orleans.  Coach Jim Harbaugh was asked if he thought his team was prepared for the pressure and hype of the Super Bowl?  His answer was to tell the reporter what was on the blackboard as they trained last week.  It said:  “ ’We get fresher under pressure.’ ”

And so it would seem.  After falling behind by 17 points in the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons, the 49ers rallied to reduce the difference to 10 points at halftime.  They were tough on offense and defense in the second half and won 28-24.  They accomplished the greatest comeback in NFC Championship history, in spite of crowd noise, and a Falcon defense that was determined to contain Kaepernick.  He proved he could remain in the pocket and be a very accurate passer.

If Coach Harbaugh is right, and his team can handle the pressure to win San Francisco’s 6th Super Bowl, for Harbaugh to win the World Championship as only a second year head coach, and for Colin Kaepernick to join Joe Montana and Steve Young as franchise, winning, quarterbacks, the fans and media will be duly impressed.

Kaepernick was asked how he felt about his coach’s words:  Kaepernick followed his coach’s lead. When asked what routine they’ll follow, he stated, “the same routine we had when we were back in San Francisco.” Asked how the team plane ride was different this week than the rest of the season, he replied, “just a bigger plane.”

“It’s just head down, keep working,” Kaepernick added. “This isn’t time to relax or get out of your routine.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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