Alabama Wins BCS Championship, Yet Again

BCS Championship     The Alabama Crimson Tide is in league of its own. The Tide are in the same company of the mid 1930’s to early 1940’s New York Yankees, just better then anyone else. This championship marked their third title in four years, and if you take out a loss to Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators it could have been the fourth in five years.


Notre Dame looked over matched, out of place, and they were. Leading up to this game you heard all week “Really how good is Notre Dame though?” We got the answer last night, Notre Dame is not SEC good, they are Pac 12 good, and ACC good. Eddie Lacy ran over the Notre Dame defense for 140 yards and scored two touchdowns, one receiving. and AJ McCarron threw through it and over it for 264 yards after completing 20 of 28 passes and tossed four touchdowns.


Saban will be brought up now for every NFL job still open. Reports are that Saban is very happy with his job at Alabama. Saban is the great white of college coaches right now, why give that up to be a large carp in Cleveland? He makes more then a comfortable living, less stress being a college coach and more free time for his family, all positives to stay.


This marks the seventh straight BCS Championship for the SEC. It is clear the SEC and Alabama are so far ahead of the rest of the nation that we may be saying the SEC a decade of dominance in three years.  Yes Alabama got breaks to even make this BCS Championship game, but they took care of business once they were in position. Kansas State and Oregon lost on the same evening to open up a spot to the winner of the SEC Championship Game. Alabama beat out Georgia in an exciting game to earn they shot at Notre Dame. The Tide seized the opportunity to add another crystal ball to their collection.


Alabama has been as dominant as any team in BCS Championship game history. They had scored 69 unanswered points going back to the 2010 Texas game before Notre Dame scored toward the end of the third quarter on an Everett Golson two yard run. That stretch went for almost eight quarters, two full games of goose egging their opponents. This strecth shows complete defensive control over the second best teams of each year. The Tide haven’s been challenged in a BCS Championship game since Colt McCoy was injured in that Texas game.


Alabama proved what most of us know, they are the best of college football. They dominant when they want to and adjust possibly better then any team in college football. Yes there will be those that will say well Ohio State was on sanctions and went undefeated. Braxton Miller would give Alabama’s defense fits , and Urban Meyer can match wits with Nick Saban. These may all be true but we will have to wait until next season to see if these thoughts come true. As of right now Roll Tide Roll.    By Steve Kish



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