BOOK REVIEW: The Preacher and the Prostitute by Brenda Barrett

A must-read in urban fiction!

Length: 218 pages

Amazon eBook purchase Price: $0.99 (US)

Picture this: A handsome, successful man falls for a smart, gorgeous prostitute. (Hey… it worked in Pretty Woman!)

In this case our ‘Julia Roberts’ character is portrayed by Maribel – a 24-year-old former prostitute-turned-accountant who is looking to forget her past.  Gone are the short-skirts and tight tank tops and in are the pant-suits and long dresses.  Maribel turns her life to God and finds herself in church – where she catches the eye of theBOOK REVIEW: The Preacher and the Prostitute… new (tall, dark, and sexy) preacher, Brian.

Maribel’s less-than-Godly past soon finds itself coming back with a vengeance, putting the heroine in a potentially compromising situation at work with her sleazy boss and a seemingly downhill battle with a jealous church sister.

The book drags slightly when Brian and Maribel begin to date, but the author is successful in intertwining Maribel’s past as a troubled teen prostitute and the pastor’s torturous decision on whether to forgive and forget…or to simply forget Maribel.

There are some laugh-out loud moments involving the self-righteous church sisters and quite a few plot twists that will make you wonder if the book will conclude with the ‘picture-perfect’ fairy-tale ending typically reserved for romances, but the main draw to this book is its theme of forgiveness. Without being considered too preachy, the author reveals how everyone – whether one is a preacher or a prostitute – has flaws and can benefit from the power of forgiveness.

The book is well-written and worth more than its 0.99 cent eBook charge. So to my urban fiction lovers, purchase this gem when you get a chance.

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Review written by: NM Lorde

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