Colin Kaepernick the 49ers Now

kaepernickColin Kaepernick is a freak of nature. Simple as that, nothing more needs to be said. He out threw Randy Moss, when was the last time that happened? He pulled away from the Packers defense on a 56 yard scamper to the end zone.  Kaepernick made Aaron Rodgers look like the second year player in his first playoff game.


Kaepernick is making Jim Harbaugh looking more and more like a genius with each passing week, performance and victory. Harbaugh took heat for sticking with Kaepernick after Alex Smith was cleared to play after suffering a concussion. Smith was third in the league in passer rating at 104.1 and led the league in completion percentage at 70%. Under Harbaugh Smith was 19-5-1 and led the 49ers to the NFC Championship game last season.


What Harbaugh saw in Kaepernick was a freak athlete the played quarterback. at 6-foot-4 and 233 pounds Kaepernick can fend off blitzing linebackers and defensive ends and has 4.5 speed. What makes him more dangerous is his burst he ran a 1.62 10 yard sprint at the combine, 30 feet in less than 2 seconds To give you a comparison Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans ran a 1.40 10 yard sprint and is considered the quickest man in the NFL by most. Once Kaepernick sees a rushing lane and decides to take off he is gone faster than any quarterback in the league.  RG3 may have a higher top end speed but Kaepernicks burst is his best ally.


In this new age of NFL offenses, spread, read-option, and pistol formations, a  mobile quarterback that can actually read defenses and is accurate is highly coveted. Kaepernick also possesses a rocket for an arm. He was a high school  all-state baseball player in California with a 92 mph fastball. That velocity translates into a 64 mph pass in football. Imagine Justin Verlander throwing you a pass, that is what Kaepernick is doing now.


Kaepernick is the now for the 49ers, yes he is the future, but the 49ers will go as far as Kaepernick will take them. Adversity doesn’t seem to bother him as he threw a pick six early in last nights divisional game and shrugged it off and went on to put up almost 500 yards of offense. He set and NFL playoff record with 181 rushing yards, not something Micheal Vick could do. He out passed Aaron Rodgers throwing for 263 yards to Rodgers 257, both quarterbacks threw two touchdowns and one interception.


Kaepernick has already faced Tom Brady in New England and outplayed him. Brady is the last elite quarterback left in these playoffs and the last one left with a ring or three, and would seem to be the favorite to come out of the AFC.  The #49ers will either travel to Atlanta or host Seattle next week, I personally believe the 49ers will be playing at home next week. Either way the road to the Super Bowl will be through Kaepernick and the 49ers in the NFC. He adds a dimension to their offense that only maybe Russell Wilson and RG3  give to their teams. Kaepernick has the advantage on both in size and arm strength.  View Kaepernick as Big Ben but with RG3 running abilities. He is a freak of nature and a freak that could deliver San Francisco its first Super Bowl title since the 1994 season. By Steve Kish

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