Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team”

Typically Cowboys

I’m not writing this to defend Rob Ryan‘s firing as defensive coordinator. His handling of the Dallas Cowboys proved he was incapable of doing his job. But he is a scapegoat for what is really wrong with the team.

The first and foremost problem is the owner, Jerry Jones. He, being a former player himself, is too involved with the team’s operation. If Jimmy Johnson, who won Super Bowls as the head coach, were to tell the truth, he left the team because of Jones.

The second problem is the head coach, Jason Garrett. He was a back up quarterback, promoted to offensive coordinator, and then head coach. He has been a complete failure. His inability to perform the most basic of tasks, clock management, has proven he cannot effectively perform the many duties of a head coach.

Last, and not least, there’s quarterback Tony Romo. He has proven to be a consistent failure. He cannot and never will move his team into position to be a Super Bowl contender.

Building a stadium that is an architectural feat, and a fan’s dream, does not a team make.

I’m not sorry to see a “Ryan” unemployed, but he is not the sole cause as to why the Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team.”

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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