Eagles Hire Chip Kelly

hi-res-15600  The Eagles have got their man, Chip Kelly flies east from the Oregon Ducks to become an Eagle. Remember when Chip Kelly said he was staying at Oregon.  Guess that wasn’t a totally the truth, as it usually is with coaches.


Kelly replaces Andy Reid as Eagles head coach after a 4-12 season, the worst in Reid’s 14 year tenure. Kelly’s offenses in Eugene have been the thing of legend. His high-octane offense is slightly implemented in the NFL by New England and Washington.  I hope a lot of people prayed that Micheal Vick won’t be the Eagles quarterback, as Kelly’s offense may get him killed.


Kelly’s offense is innovative,  quick strike, and limited. We have seen this before in the NFL, actually the NFL East division with Steve Spurrier’s catastrophic failure in Washington as the Redskins head coach. Everyone was praising Spurrier’s offensive mind for years. Years came and passed when would Spurrier jump to the NFL, he didn’t for years, then Daniel Snyder convinced Spurrier’s bank account to make the move.  After a .375 winning percentage after two seasons in Washington the experiment was over and failure was the end result. Will the same fate become of Chip Kelly and his high praise.


Another name comes to mind Bobby Petrino. Petrino made the jump from Louisville to the Atlanta Falcons. We all know how that went. Another offensive genius in college and done after 13 games in the NFL.  His offense only translated into 16.2 points per game, 29th in the league that year. Petrino went 3-10 then resigned to take the head coach position at Arkansas. Kelly seems to have a Petrino personality, and if things go bad will he jump ship like Petrino?  What if  Georgia has an off season and Mark Richt is let go will Kelly take that high-profile job, joining Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier in the failed NFL head coach fraternity, that has become the SEC.


Kelly’s choice of quarterback will be interesting, does everyone smell Geno Smith at the 4th pick, or god, say it isn’t so, the Eagles trading with the Kansas City Chiefs and their new head coach Andy Reid to move up. What a turn of events that would be.  Nick Foles is not the Kelly’s guy, and won’t be Kelly’s guy. The Eagles do have weapons, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy. Plenty of speed, plenty of skill, yet will Kelly’s offense work on the NFL level. Will Kelly’s .868 winning percentage in college translate, or will he go down as the one of the failed offensive college guru’s?  By Steve Kish

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