Jo Ann Emerson, (R) Congresswoman from Missouri Exits House

Another Deserter


Jo Ann Emerson, (R) Congresswoman from Missouri Exits House

Jo Ann Emerson, (R) Congresswoman from Missouri, easily won her bid for a 10th term last November.  Following DeMint and others, she has decided to tell those who voted for her “thanks, but no thanks”.  She has decided to accept a job with a large Washington trade lobby.

Voters deserve better, but this proves once again that the goal of far too many legislators is to increase their personal bank accounts, rather than serve the people of their state.

If you declare yourself a candidate, spend thousands if not millions of dollars on a campaign to get that seat in Congress, all the while making empty promises to your supporters, and then decide you don’t want the job, you are a common criminal.  You have stolen from the voters in your state.

“Caribou Barbie” began a trend, now called Washington’s “revolving door policy”.  I condemn anyone who fails to fulfill a job he or she begged for.

Apparently many voters choose poorly.  Or maybe political candidates are simply becoming better liars.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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