Johnny Manziel defeated Oklahoma University in the Cotton Bowl

2013 Cotton Bowl

I championed Johnny Manziel for the winner of the Heisman Trophy. Tonight the 4th of January 2013, he defeated Oklahoma University in the Cotton Bowl by a score of 41-13.

Beyond all expectations, “Johnny Football” dominated the game. Not to discount the excellent play on the defensive side of the ball, he inspired his team to a one sided victory.

Johnny Manziel ran for 2 touchdowns and threw for two more annihilating the Oklahoma Sooners.

An undersized quarterback, he proved he deserves the pinnacle as one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time. He mimics Drew Brees in size and ability to extend plays. His running ability is beyond Brees, and that alone makes him unique.

Although he is a “red shirt” freshman, the professional scouts will be transfixed on his sophomore year.

Personally, I have never been more impressed by a young college player. He proved beyond anyone’s doubt that he deserved the award as the best college player in 2012.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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