Las Vegas: Officer shoots dog while investigating gunfire

On January 6, 2013, at approximately 1:49 p.m. a LVMPD Patrol Sergeant was investigating a disturbance call in the 200 block of Earl Street near downtown Las Vegas. During this investigation the Sergeant heard a shot fired within the backyard of an residence located in the 100 block of South 16th Street. He also heard yelling or moaning coming from the backyard immediately following the gunshot.

The Sergeant responded to the residence and entered the backyard to investigate the gunfire, and to determine the possible presence of either a victim or a suspect. While in the backyard a large pit-bull type dog charged the Sergeant, who fired one round from his handgun striking and killing the animal. No other individuals were located within the backyard, however a shell casing of a caliber other than the single shot fired by the Sergeant was found.
The Sergeant involved in this incident has been identified as William Wilson, 42 years of age. Sergeant Wilson has been employed by LVMPD since March 1997, and is currently assigned to the LVMPD Patrol Division, Downtown Area Command. Sergeant Wilson remains on full duty pending the outcome of an internal review.

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