Lindsay Lohan’s new escort job?

There is no doubt that Lindsay Lohan is surrounded by rumors. This time her father Michael Lohan reveals to a “Star Magazine” that his famous daughter has a new job; this may sound like good news, unless she was accused to be an escort. According Lindsay’s father, Lohan has been paid to go out in dates with millionaires, these dates can last days and the clients are responsible for all the expenses, this include gifts can be expensive gifts, dinners, hotels, travel arrangements and a quote for her services.

Lindsay father also informed that Dina his ex-wife is well aware of Lindsay’s new job, as it was her who got her involved into the new business.

This information gain strain when the “Star Magazine” published that the actress celebrated the New Years in company of prince de Brunéi, Haji Abdul Amiz.Lets not forget that Lindsay’s dad if having a difficult time with his finances, he is own money to the IRS and he hasn’t received offers for a new job. And just in November he also said that his daughter was out of control on Cocaine.

“She’s got to get into treatment immediately. The drinking is out of control; it’s literally out of control. And if anybody wants to deny that they’re out of their minds. But I’m not going to be held accountable if this poor kid suffers any kind of demise or… I don’t even want to go there.”

“I believe it’s alcohol, cocaine, and then taking pills to go to sleep — and I’ve heard that from a lot of people around her.”

New York Times writer Stephen Rodrick reveals that the contract stipulated that Lohan would get just “$100 a day and an equal share of the profits, but no vote in decision-making,” with the sex scenes described as “non-negotiable.”

When the news were revealed, that Lindsay Lohan was filming a four-way sex scene with three porn stars in her new movie, it was speculated that she must be receiving a hefty pay packet.

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