Te’o and more questions

Still Confusing, Still Suspicious

Te'o and more questions
Today we are being told that Ronaiah Tuiasososopo claims that he was the man behind the Manti Te’o hoax, and that he tearfully told a church friend in December that he was responsible and Te’o knew nothing about it. Is this the truth, or is it a cover up for a man headed to a multi-million dollar professional football career?

The woman he told the story to, who asked not to be identified, says that Tuiasosopo acted without Te’o’s knowledge and had done similar things several times before. Who are we supposed to believe?

Te’o has been the perfect image of college football. He is liked by his fellow teammates, and his on field play was extraordinary, finishing second in the Heisman Trophy voting. We know that he issued a statement that a cruel and horrible joke had been played on him, when he was told his girlfriend was dieing from leukemia.

There are still things that don’t add up. Why did he tell reporters at the Heisman Trophy presentation that he had lost both grandparents and his girlfriend to cancer, when two days earlier he said she had called him? Why in October did he issue a statement to a Sports Illustrated reporter that Kekua had come to one of his games, and then claimed he never met her? Why did his father claim she visited their home in Hawaii when Te’o was there, several times?

This entire hoax is so convoluted that the complete truth may never be known. What I do know, is that Te’o is supported by the University, family, friends, and teammates. They believe in his character. I hope they’re right. We lost one hero for all time in Lance Armstrong. I hope Te’o is not an actor capable of earning an Academy Award nomination.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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