The Rock and CM Punk make WWE Credible

images rockFinally The Rock has come back….home. Yes The Rock is home, home in the WWE. The most electrifying man in all of entertainment has come back to where his greatness was made. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is credibility for athletes, at company that thrives as a man  opera.  What is a man opera you are asking? It is simply a soap opera for men. Isn’t that what the WWE is? It’s not actual wrestling. The endings are preplanned, some moves pre-planned, promos written. No there isn’t such a thing as a fake chair, and getting put through a table is getting put through a table.

Then there is CM Punk, the pipe bomb maker. CM Punk did something WWE star had before he aired the backstage dirty laundry on air. He got his microphone turned off. You may not like CM Punk, yet he has changed the WWE more than John Cena has. He hasn’t changed it for the fans necessarily, more for his peers, and those to come. The same ole same ole needed to go. giving ridiculous contracts to performers that didn’t really deserve them needed to go, yes that is directed at the Big Show.

My son Zac loves the WWE, he watches Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, loves John Cena, but he sees the differences from what Cena does and what The Rock and CM Punk. Cena is a promoter, a yes man, The Rock and CM Punk are innovators, the ones we all tune into see. Cena versus The Rock at Wrestlemania 28 was interesting from the points of seeing who would win and what would The Rock say during the buildup. Yes Cena was in the match but he seemed to get lost in the promos and build up.

The Rock brought a NCAA football national championship ring with him when he joined the WWE. His father and grandfather were wrestlers, he started off with a bad character “Rocky Maivia”, honoring his father and grandfather. This wasn’t The Rock, wasn’t Dwayne Johnson. The fans chanted “die, rocky, die” and “Rocky sucks” constantly at during his time as Rocky Maivia. He since has evolved into “The People’s Champ”, and the “most electrifying  man in all of entertainment”. He is the only man to say something and says it is trending now, and it’s actually trending. He calls John Cena fruity pebbles,  Cena gets a call from Post and is there spokesman for a while. He has had #BootsToAsses, #HomelessPowerRanger, and his latest #CookiePuss trend. He has gone away for years and come back to as large a following as if not a larger one. No man is as beloved as The Rock in the WWE Universe. The Rock brings Hollywood staunch , and true athletic greatness to the squared circle.

CM Punk is the almost the complete opposite of The Rock, yet he is just as credible.  He makes you want to tune into what he is going to say. It isn’t as much about his ring ability as it is about his work on the mic. He brings it to life just as The Rock does. He tells it to the fans as it really is. We as fans will chant whatever crazy thing a superstar will say. Remember Steve Austin’s “What”, that is still used to this day. CM Punk is straightedge, no drugs, no alcohol, and no tobacco. He has used his real life to take his heel persona to a level no one has gone before. Vince McMahon had doubts in Punk turning heel years ago, Punk’s response was I will be the greatest heel you have ever seen. He had used the same truth to be a heel in Ring of Honor, and in other promotions before that. CM Punk is himself, he doesn’t hide who he is and he is comfortable with that.

In less than two weeks The Rock meets CM Punk at Survivor Series, what they have been doing is nothing less than amazing. The promos are the edge of your seat entertaining kind we all crave. This storyline is much different from the Cena story line.  The WWE title is on the line, the implications of The Rock’s future involvement in the WWE hinges on victory or loss. If he loses it will most likely go back to The Rock showing up now and then, and that is fine. Though if he wins will he be there on a regular basis? Will he go back to fully being The Rock? This possibility has the WWE Universe buzzing, could the Great One finally be………home?  By Steve Kish