Tom Brady of the New England Patriots to be Fined?

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots to be Fined?

Could “St. Tom” have actually committed a less than perfect act?  During the AFC championship game Sunday, Tom Brady ran out of the pocket and slid to avoid contact.  It appeared that he may have intentionally attempted to kick Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens when he did so.  Did he let the frustration of his less than exceptional leadership alter his sense of safety and fair play?

In recent playoffs Brady is now 8-7.  Calls by television announcers and analysts may finally have to cease their attempts to anoint him as the “greatest of all time”.  He has a line ahead of him.  What he has always had is the best offensive line in football.  They should have been given the credit.  Brady’s good, but so are many others in the league.  He just has more time to stay in the pocket.

Commissioner Roger Goodell says he is adamant about player safety, but often displays his only intent is to prevent helmet to helmet collisions.  Earlier in the year when Ndamukong Suh obviously kicked another player, no disciplinary action was taken.  It will be interesting to see his decision on this one.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express