Will Winning on Super Bowl Sunday Elevate Joe Flacco to Elite Status

0ap2000000129194_gallery_600Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers and Manning what do that all have in common? Joe Flacco has more playoffs victories since entering the league than any of them.  Flacco has amassed 8 playoff wins in his five seasons as the Ravens quarterback, the next guys on this list are Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger with 5 each. This statistic should speak for itself. Flacco has held his own and actually owns the head to head matchup with Tom Brady in the playoffs.

Flacco has led the Ravens to the playoffs in each of his five seasons and won at least one playoff game each season, an NFL record. Here is a list of all Flacoo’s NFL records: First rookie quarterback to start all 16 regular season games and make the playoffs. First rookie quarterback to win two playoff games. He tied Dan Marino with the most combined post season and regular season wins in his first three season, 36. Most wins in a quarterbacks first 80 games, 54. He has started 92 games in his first 5 seasons, also a record. The most important and telling number of his records is 6. Flacco has 6  road playoff victories, one more than Eli Manning.

These road playoff of victories should speak heavily for Flacco. Here are some interesting road playoff win stats of all time great quarterbacks. Tom Brady(3-2), Peyton Manning(2-5), Joe Montana(2-5),and Troy Aikman(1-3). Steve Young, Y.A. Tittle and Norm Van Brocklin all are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Combined, they were 0-7 in playoff road games. These numbers show you that Flacco’s (6-3) playoff road record is very impressive and should hold weight. Only Ben Rothlisberger(3-0), Eli Manning(5-1), and Len Dawson, Roger Staubach, and shockingly Mark Sanchez all at 4-1 have been winning percentages then Flacco on the road. I think we can all agree that Ben and Eli will be Hall of Famers, Staubach and Lawson already are, and Sanchez’s future is still to be decided. Flacco is in the company of all-time greatness and leading the pack in W’s.

Flacco plays in an offense similar to Ben Rothlisberger’s, built on the run and vertical shots down field.  He doesn’t throw a lot of screens or a lot of dink and dunk that the receivers can than break for huge gains. Flacco has 15 game winning drives, Tom Brady during the same stretch has only 9. Flacco  stacks up against the elite in virtually every quarterback statistic. His yardage total is the only one well behind the others, yet he plays in a different offense then Rodgers, Brady, and Brees. He has the playoff wins, the game winning drives, a 60.5 career completion percentage.

With all these numbers in Flacco’s favor he still is refered to as the Ravens crutch. Every quarterback has had “his team will go as far as they take them” that is such an open statement. Obviously a team can only go as far as the quarterback takes them. Bad quarterbacks do not equal winning teams, it is that simple.

Here is a list of winning percentages of Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Eli, and Flacco, can you pick who is who’s? 58%,78%,59%, 67% and 68%. Brady(78%), Flacco(68%), Rodgers(67%), Brees(59%), and Eli(58%). Yet another stat that Flacco is overwhelmingly competitive. Still people will say, he has a great defense, he is playing on offense while he has Ray Lewis and Ed Reed to stop opposing offenses. A quarterbacks job is to get wis, that is it, to get wins, Flacco is the most elite quarterback at this since entering the league. Regular season and post season Flacco is the best at getting the W.

The only thing missing is the Lombardi trophy. On Feb. 3 Flacco can solidify his legacy by leading his Ravens to one final victory this season. Sending Ray Lewis off a champion. Since the Super Bowl is in New Orleans and not Baltimore does that count as another road playoff victory for Flacco and his legacy?  By Steve Kish

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