Michael Vick Signs 1 year Deal

The Eagles have resigned Michael Vick to a one year deal. This deal replaces the six-year $100 million deal Vick signed in 2011. The deal is worth up to $10 million per incentives.

053111-celebs-michael-vickVick passed for 2,362 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions last season, his fourth with the Eagles.Vick wasn’t able to stay healthy and Nick Foles replaced him as the starter the final stretch of the season.

The Eagles signed Vick to that $100 million contract after he went 8-3 in 2010. During those 11 games Vick passed for 21 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. Hopes were high for Vick and the Eagles. Vince Young even dubbed them the “Dream Team” of football after a spectacular offseason. The hype was never lived up to. Vick and the Eagles floundered, costing Andy Reid his job this past season.

In comes Chip Kelly and Vick fits Kelly’s offense perfectly. With a weak quarterback class in the draft Kelly and Eagles brass must have decided bring Vick back their best option. Vick said in a statement, “My heart is in Philly and this community is important to me. I look forward to playing for Coach Kelly, Jeffrey Lurie and the entire Eagles organization, the city of Philadelphia and the fans. I am training hard this offseason and will be ready for Coach Kelly’s team vision and leadership. Our goal is to win.”

Vick turns 33 in July, will have one year to prove his worth to the Eagles and the rest of the NFL. At 34 he will have just once last chance for a big contract from a team. This is a make or break season for Michael Vick. We all know Vick’s past, yet his present will determine how his future can clean up his past. By Steve Kish

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