NFL Proposes Offseason Changes

nfl_logo_football_fieldThe NFL offseason is not just for free agency and the draft. The NFL loves to make rule changes during the offseason and wants to change its offseason calendar.

The proposal is to move the combine to early March and the start of free agency to early April, also the NFL wants to move the draft to early May.

The proposal must be approved by the NFL Players Association. The NFL aggressively pushed this proposal at tonight’s meeting in Indianapolis, home of the NFL combine.

Also included in this proposal is having all NFL teams reporting to and starting training camp on the same date. This then would be the official start of each new season.

This is a move to prolong the offseason. Stretching it out by having one big event a month and being able to build up each event even more. It’s not like we don’t see enough of Mel Kiper Jr. or Todd McShay already.

The NFL is God from August to February. It is Zeus on Mt. Olympus. They dictate every other sport. Even the second most dominant sport, college football, moved its Jan 1 bowl games to accommodate the NFL’s schedule. Now it wants to take over the NBA, MLB, and lowly NHL spotlight by extending its offseason.

If it means more money the NFL will press and press until the NFLPA agrees. It isn’t a major change but it is settle enough to keep the NFL in the spotlight an extra two to three weeks which could generate hundreds of millions of dollars. By Steve Kish @SteveKGuardian

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