Arkansas House approves bill letting college staff carry concealed handguns

Arkansas House approves bill letting college staff carry concealed handgunsBackwards Thinking in America

“Arkansas House approves bill letting college staff carry concealed handguns; governor ‘would probably sign’”

“NRA CEO: Obama gun control effort a ‘charade’”

“Wayne LaPierre: More Guns Needed For ‘Hellish World’ Filled With Hurricanes, Kidnappers, Drug Gangs”

“Why just gun control? DUIs destroy lives, too”

“Ted Nugent blasts Obama’s gun control plan as ‘more nonsense’”

These are just a few of the headlines I found that are anti-gun control in any form.  I shouldn’t have listed the last one.  Nugent is so radical he fits more into the militia or “skin head” category than as a true advocate for what the “righties” call their “second amendment rights”.

Reading them you will notice a commonality, they are all either avoiding the truth, or are trying to guide sensible people away from the real discussion.

This discussion must stick to the facts.  More women and children are murdered by someone they know with guns than any other group.  A citizen with access to guns is more of a danger to himself or herself and their family than to any criminal unless they have received extensive training.  Assault type rifles are used to commit mass murder, not for hunting.  High capacity magazines are the choice of mass murderers.

The latter two belong in the hands of the military and police officers, not the general public.  Owning an assault rifle is more of an ego thing.  It’s another “my phallus is bigger than your phallus” thing.

There have been 1793 gun-related deaths in the United States since the Newtown slaughter.  That number is fast approaching half of the total number of lives lost in the 10 year Iraqi war.

When natural disasters occur, the news services report heart-warming stories about everyday people reaching out to help each other.  Wayne LaPierre, who represents the NRA, a gun lobby, is telling you that in the event of a hurricane or tornado, you need a gun to protect yourself from your neighbors.

Gun owners in the United States are approximately 20% of the population.  Owning a gun is too often the problem, not a solution.  People like Nugent and  LaPierre are advocates of the philosophy that violence is the answer to violence.  They exist in a negative society.  The news is too often negative.  Positive stories are not as popular, or as numerous, as those depicting the darker side of society.  The recently ended manhunt for Christopher Dorner is a classic example.   He was a man filled with hate and resorted to killing innocent people with guns to vent his anger, to avenge himself against those who allegedly abused his rights.  Those who watch TV for their “news” couldn’t get enough of the story.

We hear a lot about rights.  From the gun nuts we constantly hear about the second amendment which was written more than 235 years ago when a round lead ball was forced out of a metal tube, and then the weapon had to be reloaded.  Amending the second amendment is the logical and right thing to do.

I’ve said it dozens of times before, and even my wife is tired of me talking or writing about it, but innocent citizens have the right to go to church, or attend a movie, or send their children to school without fear that they, themselves, or their children could become maimed or killed by another “regular” citizen with an assault rifle possessing the capability of expelling hundreds of lethal rounds in just a few minutes.

It’s time to protect the rights of the many and shun the few who do not have concern for our safety.  The NRA’s true concern is business, not rights or issues of public safety.  They represent special interest groups such as weapons manufacturers, and gun sellers, not the hunters or shooting range enthusiasts.

It’s time to enact legislation that is in the best interests of the majority of Americans.  Every individual who wishes to purchase a weapon from ANY gun seller must consent to a thorough background check.  And no one needs an assault rifle with a high output magazine.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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