Asian gamblers has “fixed” hundreds of Soccer games.

Biggest Sports Scandal of all Time

You won’t hear that much about it, but the most popular sport in the world is under investigation for corruption.  It has been charged that a group of Asian gamblers has “fixed” hundreds of Soccer games.

Especially when it comes to sports, America considers itself all important.  But Soccer is played and watched, and bet on more than any other sport in the world.

With the rising popularity of the sport in Asia, it fits perfectly with their other favorite sport, gambling.  It has made ‘arrangements’ with crime syndicates around the world, and police have been keeping track.  They have found 680 games where the outcome has been influenced by gambling, 380 of which were in Europe, and the remainder divided among 15 countries.  At least 425 referees, club officials and players took bribes to decide the outcome of games.

It’s too easy to accomplish an act that can change the outcome of a Soccer game.  If a player takes a shot 10 feet away from the goal and misses it, the normal reaction is to say “bad luck”, or “he just missed it”.  Now, with these revelations, will fans simply think that he missed it, or will their reaction be, “I wonder if he took a few bucks to miss that shot”?

It could be a hell of a lot more than a “few bucks”.  It’s estimated that 3 billion dollars a day is bet on sports, and most of it on Soccer.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express