Betting on the Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl

Those of us who live in Nevada understand the popularity of sports betting.  During the regular season, parlay cards sell “like hotcakes”.  They’re simple to bet, the more teams picked, the greater the reward.  Personally I quit playing them when one Sunday I was 13 seconds away from winning 2000 dollars, and a ½ point turnaround in the game cost me the win and my “free money”.

The Super Bowl takes parlay cards to a new level.  The game at this moment, 3:44 p.m. on Friday the 1st of February, has the basic line of San Francisco favored to win by 4 points, and the over and under total score is 48.  Because Kaepernick was a star quarterback at UNR, may have something to do with the 49ers being favored.  Sports books encourage emotional betting.

But other bets on the Super Bowl parlay cards include:

Who will score first?

Who will punt first?

Who will win the coin toss?

Will the 49ers or Ravens fumble in the first quarter?

Will Frank Gore or Ray Rice score 1st?

Which quarterback will complete the first pass?

Will Joe Flacco throw a pass over 30 yards?

Will Colin Kaepernick have a single run over 25 yards?

Will Colin Kaepernick throw a touchdown pass?

Will Colin Kaepernick throw for more yards than Joe Flacco?

Will Joe Flacco throw an interception in the first half?

Will Colin Kaepernick throw an interception in the first half.

Which team will punt first?

Get the picture?  The reason so many of the bets are listed as first half occurrences is because half-time betting is encouraged, and some bets are renewed.

I didn’t list all the bets, and believe me, there are many more because of Kaepernick’s participation, and are directed at his performance.

There was a contest here in Reno to create an unusual, and new “prop”, or proposition bet.  The winner was a man who suggested, “will Alex Smith take a snap from center in the Super Bowl”.  Personally, I wouldn’t make that bet, but I’m sure many will.

The only bet I’ll win, is that I’ll be in my recliner by 3:15 on Sunday afternoon.  I’ll have prepared all my ‘snacks’, and will have chilled my alcoholic beverage of choice.  I may have to leave my cherished position once in a while during the game, but I’m grateful there are so many 4 million dollar commercials.  The timeouts in the Super Bowl are longer, and so is the halftime.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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