Caracas: Hugo Chavez goes under extremely complex treatment

Caracas: Hugo Chavez goes under extremely complex treatment

Caracas – Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez undergoes “extremely complex and hard” treatments in Cuba, where he is hospitalized in December 11, 2012
For an operated cancer for the fourth time, said Wednesday the Venezuelan Vice President Nicholas Maduro.

“Our commander is undergoing additional treatment, as we have reported, these treatments are highly complex and tough,” Maduro said in a ceremony broadcast on state television after reporting that he had just returned from Cuba.

Maduro said Chavez is “assimilating, as he would say, in the spirit of battle, but are complex treatments should be closing sometime in the course of treatment of their disease,” he added.

Chavez underwent surgery on December 11, 2012 of a tumor in the pelvic area, the nature of which has not been reported. During the surgery were complications due to bleeding that led him to spend time “complex,” according to the Government.

In the last information provided on the clinical picture of Chavez, on January 26, 2013 the Minister of Communication, Ernesto Villegas, said the general trend of the president was “favorable” after overcoming a severe respiratory infection, but remained “some degree of renal Respiratory “.

The minister said “this development reached began implementing systemic medical treatment for the underlying disease as an adjunct to surgery December 11, 2012”

Maduro said that he traveled to Cuba as different figures have been doing the Chavez government-this time without informing either before or during their stay on the island for “first family attend the president commander, a fundamental thing.”

He noted that these visits shared with them and transmits “permanent solidarity” and “the strength of all the people of Venezuela.”

They also allow, “share and also share” information with the medical team to Chavez.

The government, which rejects allegations it has not been transparent about Chávez’s health, says he has completed a difficult post-operative period and has started a “new phase” of his recuperation. It has not given details of this new phase.
Any new vote in South America’s top oil exporter would probably pit Maduro, Chávez’s heir apparent, against Henrique Capriles, the 40-year-old governor of Miranda state, who lost to Chávez in last October’s presidential election.

He explained the purpose of these trips. “First, these trips allow us to take care of the Commander President’s relatives: his daughters (…) This is a fundamental thing. We share with them and convey to them the permanent solidarity and strength from all the people of Venezuela. Secondly, we share and exchange views with the medical team and convey to them all the love and recognition from each of you, my fellow citizens.”

He said that the medical staff taking care of Chávez” is available for the Commander around the clock. They talk to him, take care of his treatment and are aware of everything that he has been through.”

According to Maduro, Venezuelan people are “supportive and loyal to Commander Chávez” amidst his illness.

Chavez, 58-years-old and in power since 1999, has not been seen or heard since last December 10, 2012 Venezuelan state television aired a few images of him just before leaving for the island to be have surgery.

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