Chris Christie to Begin a “New” Conservative Party?

Another Sign That The GOP May Not Survive

Chris Christie to Begin a New Conservative Party

The first and unswerving rule for Republicans is, “don’t stray from party policy, the party line”.  That includes a multitude of items, and began with “W’s” administration when not one Republican ever voted against a White House position in eight years.

Chris Christie, the outspoken governor of New Jersey, did the unthinkable, he broke the prime rule.

The first cardinal sin he committed was when he spoke honestly about the President’s efforts to assist the victims of Super Storm Sandy just days before the election.  Some Republicans erroneously claim it cost Romney the election.  The President is a Democrat, and does nothing right.

The second is when the Boehner led House delayed additional funding for disaster relief until the 113th Congress was sworn in.  Another major error, he criticized his own party.  That shouldn’t matter.  Those we elect are supposed to look outside the box and have ideas.  But if you’re a Republican it does, you become a “leper”.

Governor Christie has been shunned by THE CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference.  Christie, considered a front runner for a 2016 Presidential election bid, was not invited to attend the mid-March meetings just outside of Washington.

Some of the tired and failed who aspired previously to our nation’s highest office will be speaking, as well as a couple of new faces, all presidential hopefuls, and most unqualified.

I have said before that I find governors with no federal government experience are as bad a choice as electing an actor.  We’ve done both in the past, always with unsatisfactory results.

Speakers this year include governors or former governors, Rick, (yes, I’ll have another) Perry of Texas, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Jeb Bush of Florida, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  Mitt Romney will also speak.

Others who will criticize and ridicule the President from the dais are Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Marco, (I need a drink of water), Rubio of Florida.

The outspoken governor defended himself against charges he helped swing the election to Obama, however, saying on CNN that “When the president does things that deserve praise, I will give him praise. And when the president does things that deserve scorn, I’ll give him scorn.”

“I am not going to play politics with this issue, this is so much bigger than an election,” Christie continued. “When someone asks me an honest question, I give an honest answer: ‘How’s the president been to deal with?’ He’s been outstanding to deal with on this.”

Three things will be missing from CPAC’s meetings, and they are symbolic of the fact that this is still the same party that failed in November.  They are a woman speaker, an African-American speaker, and without a doubt, the “truth”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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