Cruise ship Carnival reached the port of Alabama

Cruise ship Carnival reached the port of AlabamaAlabama: The passengers aboard the cruise ship Carnival Triumph dismal reached the port of Alabama. After a slow return to the mainland because of the damaging tow cable that broke and caused the ship drifting off the coast of Alabama.

Passengers as they began to see land and have a sign on their cell phones, became known a clearer picture of the boat. Passengers on the Carnival Triumph describing overflowing toilets, sewage in the showers, insufficient food and sick passengers, when the ship began to be towed to the coast of Alabama after a week at sea.

What began, as a four-day trip in the Gulf of Mexico became a nightmare, just the opposite of the luxury cruise advertised in brochures?

Fire on the ship

The more than 4,000 people who sailed from Galveston, Texas, a week ago, hoping to reach the coast on Thursday night at least, only to face hour bus trips or other possible transport to return to their homes.

This cause frustration with the people on the cruise line and off the ship, wondering why it took so long to return to earth after a fire in the engine room of the ship broke down on Sunday.

“There’s feces and urine on the floor,” complained Shanar Renee, of Houston, on his cell phone from the cruise. “The floor is flooded with sewage … and had to defecate in bags.”


The cruise was in sight of the coast of Alabama at noon, but still had to tread a difficult channel before tying. Television pictures showed passengers with signs reading, “Help” and “I love you” hanging from their cabins. Others walked along the deck, some waving to helicopters flying over the ship. A group of people who arrived by boat, presumably directors of Carnival, the Coast Guard and Customs boarded the ship.

Shanar, which is in the boat with her husband, said the couple had a windowless cabin, so have been sleeping on deck for days. He said that food was distributed on the ninth floor, and that some of the elders have required the help of younger people to take them away.

At first only distributed deli meats such as turkey, vegetables and sandwiches. After another cruise gave them burgers and chicken sandwiches, but the line to receive required a delay of almost four hours.
“And then people started getting sick from the food.”

Gulliksen said the Triumph’s recent mechanical woes involved an electrical problem with the ship’s alternator on the previous voyage. Repairs were completed Feb. 2, and the problem was not related to the fire, he said.
Passengers were supposed to get a full refund and discounts on future cruises, and Carnival announced Wednesday they would each get an additional $500 in compensation.
Unlike the U.S. commercial aviation industry, with strict Federal Aviation Administration oversight that can ground a fleet of aircraft, the cruise industry is largely accountable to countries like Panama or the Bahamas — which may or may not want to offend their cruise line friends in Miami.

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