Dallas: Barricaded Person threaten to kill himself and everyone else

Dallas: Barricaded Person threaten to kill himself and everyone elseUniformed and undercover covert officers were addressing drug complaints in the Northwest Division 540’s sector. Uniformed officers performed a traffic stop on the arrestee’s vehicle at Arroyo and Maple Ave. The suspect would not exit his vehicle and displayed a large knife toward the officers. Officers backed away from the vehicle and the suspect fled the location. Covert officers were able to follow the suspect to his home. When the suspect arrived at his residence, the covert officers identified themselves as police and the suspect fled into his home and officers pursued him. The suspect entered a back bedroom that contained an adult witness and began to threaten to kill himself and everyone else. SWAT was called in for the barricaded person and were able to place the suspect into custody. There were no injuries to officers, the witness, or the suspect. The witness in the bedroom did not wish to file any criminal charges against the suspect. The suspect, Charles Macdonald W/M/10-18-1988 was placed under arrest and charged with Evading Arrest. The offense was documented on case #42409-A.

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