Dallas: Captured murder suspect Federico Prado

Dallas: Captured murder suspect Prado Federico

Update: 2/1/13

Captured murder suspect Prado, Federico L/M 4/9/88 for the murder that occurred at 5438 E. Grand Ave. Suspect turned him self into Homicide detectives yesterday afternoon. An Affidavit of Arrest for Felony 1 Murder has been issued for Federico Prado W/m/4-9-89. Mr. Prado is still at large. The affidavit is attached. Shortly after 3am, on January 26, 2013, Dallas officers responded to a disturbance at a bar in the 5400 block of East Grand Avenue. Upon entering the bar, responding officers found the complainant unconscious. Dallas Fire and Rescue transported the complainant to Baylor Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Homicide detectives learned the complainant was attacked by several suspects and struck with a chair, a pool stick, and kicked/stomped about the head. Through witness information, detectives has learned the identity of one of the suspects. Federico Prado W/m/4-9-89, has been issued an arrest warrant for Murder in this offense. Mr. Prado is still at large. The complainant has been identified however, the next of kin notification has not been made. Another customer was assaulted on related service number 20589-A.

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