Erin Lale Kicks Off Campaign for Henderson City Council

Erin Lale Kicks Off Campaign for Henderson City Council

Erin Lale’s campaign kickoff was held at Total Promotions on February 3rd, 2013. In Lale’s speech, she said, “We have a great team and we will win.”

Lale is running for the Henderson City Council Ward 3 seat vacated by the resignation of Kathleen Vermillion, also known as Boutin. In January 2012, the City Council appointed John Marz to fill the vacancy because he promised the Council he “absolutely” would not run.

Lale’s kickoff brought members of different local communities together with one goal, to elect the woman with the plan for prosperity. Lale wants to eliminate the work card system, have a tax holiday for new startup businesses for their first three years, and have no new government buildings until existing empty space is filled.

Mayoral candidate Rick Workman and his family came to meet and mix with the politically active crowd. Lale and Workman discussed creating a system to empower city workers to save money and increase efficiency.

Lale says, “Last week I was out at the farmer’s market talking with the small business people. I met a farmer who would like to see Henderson have a permanent indoor farmer’s market, so business wouldn’t fall off when it rains like it did the previous week. The other day I spoke with a downtown Henderson businessman who alerted me to the fact that the city owns a building with an empty ground floor restaurant space, and the city is discussing selling this building below its value, which would drive down the property values for all the downtown real estate around it. These two problems fit together as one solution: move the farmer’s market into the space with the restaurant kitchen. Have pop-up restaurants in between farmer’s market days. Bring foot traffic to the area and increase business instead of depressing local commercial real estate. This is a common sense solution; all it takes is listening to the people. If I win, I will continue to listen to what Henderson citizens need and find the common sense solutions which save the city money and bring greater prosperity to us all.”

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