George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush emails hack

George HW Bush and George W. Bush emails hackEmails reveal that family members were thinking of a possible father’s funeral when he was hospitalized Bush.

In February 8, 2013 a hacker gained access to the email of former U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, according to the site specializing in legal documentation The Smoking Gun.

In an email last December 27, 2012 to his brothers, Jeb Bush highlighted the kindness and good character of his father, and then sick, and noted “how kind he was with President (Bill) Clinton and how he helped restore its seedy reputation.”

“A very difficult thing to do, but with mercy dad probably helped Bill Clinton more than himself,” said the email quoted by the website.

In other posts it appears that the family members were thinking of a possible Bush’s funeral when he was hospitalized late last year.

In a Dec. 26 email to his brothers, George W. Bush wrote that he was “thinking about the tribute” and asked them to help him with stories that illustrate “the sweet nature of his father, favorite jokes, and acts of kindness.”

“I hope I’m wrong,” said George W. Bush regarding the preparations for the funeral, and added: “Although I prefer to speak to all of Bubba, please help.”

The mention of “Bubba” is, in context, a pet name with which Bush referred to Clinton, because of his close relationship with Bush.

The Smoking Gun also reports another email from the White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett, who forwarded a message to Bush from President Barack Obama on his health problems.

“Michelle and I have not wanted to bother you while you are recovering, but please know that we think of you and the whole family,” he says.

In addition to emails, and circulate around the web some pictures that were attached in messages, overprinted with the name of the hacker who has accessed the accounts, known as Guccifer.

Among the pictures that have begun to circulate, you can see one of the recent Bush convalescence in the hospital, accompanied by one of his doctors, and another older with former President Clinton and a George W. Bush joking with a cardboard cutout of him dressed as a painter.

This problem that is very common now days in July 14, 2011. Millions of documents were stolen form the Pentagon according to Department of Defense of the United States, William Lynn.

Lynn said the attack by presenting the first strategy to protect Pentagon networks, intelligence and military companies informáticos.s attacks, William Lynn.

“In a single intrusion this past March 24,000 files were stolen,” Lynn said, without giving details about the company they were stolen or how it contended.

The Department of Defense and other government agencies have taken measures to anticipate, mitigate and deter these threats, but as Lynn said, is necessary to design a plan to protect the “digital warehouse” of the Pentagon with the latest technology.

Last year, the Defense Department established the Cyber Command and has signed an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security to improve coordination to protect networks.

In this regard, the official stressed that the association “solid” with other government departments, the private sector and other countries is “crucial”. “Our success in cyberspace depends on a strong partnership between the public and private sectors,” he said.

The Pentagon has identified more than 60,000 new malicious software programs or variations that threaten the economy and citizens of the United States.

The new defense secretary, Leon E. Panetta also defended the need to be “better prepared” to deal with the “growing cyber challenges facing the nation,” according to a statement released by the Pentagon.

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