Jessica Ridgeway, The Missing 10-Year-Old Murdered by Austin Sigg

Gruesome Tales About Murder of 10 Year Old Girl

Jessica Ridgeway, The Missing 10-Year-Old Murdered by Austin Sigg

“I murdered Jessica Ridgeway. I have proof that I did it.”

That was part of a recording Austin Sigg, made to 911 on October 23rd last year.  Ten year old Jessica Ridgeway went missing on October 5th.  This ended a frantic search by grieving parents, and neighbors casting suspicious eyes in the community of Golden, Colorado.  In the call he told the dispatcher that some of Jessica’s remains were in the crawl space of his mother’s home.

Jessica left her home on October 5th to meet a friend just two blocks away  and walk to school.  Investigator Michael Lynch testified at the hearing that Sigg first confessed to his mother, telling her that he kidnapped Jessica as she walked past his car, bound her arms and her legs with zip ties, placed her in the back seat, drove around for a little bit, then took her to his house.

He attempted to strangle her with zip ties, then with his bare hands.  Eventually he dismembered her.

The judge ordered Sigg to be held for trial without bail.  He is also charged with the attack of a jogger in May across from the school Jessica attended.  He used a homemade form of chloroform in an attempt to subdue the woman.  He found the recipe on the internet.

Sigg, now 18, is charged with murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and robbery in Jessica’s death. Prosecutors have added three counts of sexual exploitation of a child because child pornography was allegedly found during the investigation.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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