Jonathan Josey victorious despite vicious punch see (Video)

Police punches Puerto Rican woman Aida-Guzman at Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philadelphia

Jonathan Josey victorious (Video)

Police office Jonathan Josey emerges victorious and asked to let the Philadelphia Police to give him back his position, to which the union leader said John McGrody not seen any problem, reported CBS.

On Sunday September 30th, 2012, the Puerto Rican Aida-Guzman received several blows at from hands of police officer Jonathan Josey, who launched her to the ground. Judge Patrick Dugan was commissioned to an even bigger blow to free of blame the agent.

According to the judge of Philadelphia, the situation in the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philadelphia was much more volatile and chaotic than shown in the video that went around the world and showing the officer’s act wild Josey against women, 39-year-old. In making that case, among others, into consideration, Dugan decided that the agent, who was suspended from his job after the incident, was “not guilty” to misdemeanor assault as charged.

In his view, the beating was accidental.

Guzman, meanwhile, was affected with the judge’s decision. His lawyer anticipated that could bring a civil action against the officer.

Report of September 30th, 2012:
Lt. Jonathan Josey is dismissed so dishonorable, seen lounging in video after hitting Puerto Rican mother Daisy Guzman in the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philadelphia, the Police Department has launched an appeal to citizens: If you were in the place and want justice, testify.

The officer Kelvyn Anderson, interim executive director of the Police Advisory Commission, said that the administrative inquiry into the incident on Sunday is ongoing and would benefit have testimonies.
Anderson said,” Our role is to review the research, once completed, and assist if necessary, with statements.”

However, those who know Lt. Josey think that will be fine. In interviews with ABC News, fellow agent, who has 19 years working with the Department of the Philadelphia Police hope their testimony, will clarify what happened. It has been said that man is eager to offer their version, but so far has been silent publicly.

The mother of three, still recovering from injuries sustained in the face and arms after official intervention. And, although he wants to see justice done, not sure she wanted to file a complaint of police brutality against the lieutenant, who was also known as dawn looking Hollywood actor.

The Puerto Rican mother, arrested Sunday and against whom charges pensan breach of the peace, said he has to talk to your husband what your next steps because right now what we have is “very angry, very angry.”
His lawyer, Henry Latoison, simply noted, “we are cooperating with the investigation.” He said that although his client has commented that he was throwing confetti, that data is irelevante when evaluating the facts presented in the video posted on YouTube by a user identified as Gisela Valentin.
“When she threw the confetti, no one turned, no officer. Was not until someone else pulled the officers reacted liquid,” he said.

“In looking at the video and looking at the charges, clearly there were some discrepancies there. So, I’m not at all surprised in the … I’m rather pleased that they did decide to drop the charges. I think it’s appropriate in this manner,” said Ramsey.

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