Pennsylvania: Matthew White killed by wife

Matthew White killed by wife The Spanish citizen Pellón Maria Reyes Garcia is being held in the state of Pennsylvania (USA) charged with the murder of her husband, former basketball player Matthew White, according to a local newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer.

Local police sources by the newspaper, Garcia-Pellón stabbed her husband in bed while he was sleeping early Monday morning after having caught viewing pornography.

How did the crime happen?

The crime took place in the couple’s home in Nether Providence, a town in Delaware County Pennsylvania. According to documents submitted to the court case. Early Monday Pellón Garcia, 52-years-old, waited for White, 55-years-old, to fall asleep when he did, she reached down, grabbed a knife, and plunged it into his throat.
Matt White woke up and struggled with his wife for control of the blade.

It ended with White, telling her, “I’m dying, I’m dying,” and collapsing on the bed.

Hours later, on Monday afternoon, the woman went to a friend’s house and told them what happened. The arrested accused of viewing child pornography husband

“I caught him watching porn, young girls. Love children. Had to do it,” he told police Garcia-Pellón to be arrested and charged with murder.

An ambulance was called and sent to the home that the couple shared on Parkridge Drive in Wallingford. He was found on the bed in a pool of blood. He was pronounced dead at 1:02 p.m.

The Spanish works as a support teacher in a elementary school in Nether Providence, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

His wife was taken into custody after making a detailed confession of what she had done and her reason for doing it.

According to Nether Providence Police Chief Tom Flannery, Garcia-Pellon was “very calm” and “matter of fact” when she told her story.

She was charged with first-degree murder and taken to Delaware County prison. She is being held without bail.

Police found photos of naked girls during the investigation. According to a spokesman for the office of Delaware County prosecutor, preliminary research indicates that Garcia-Pellón found her husband looking at pictures of naked young women, but found no evidence of child pornography.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan called the case “bizarre.” He described Garcia-Pellon as “lying in wait” while her husband went to sleep. “It’s every man’s worst nightmare.”
He said numerous items had been taken from the house, including White’s computer. He said the county’s Computer Forensics Division will find out if there is anything on it relevant to the case.

“We’ll see what, if anything, he was looking at,” Whelan said, but only to get a better sense into the accused’s state of mind.

According to her attorney, Kathy Labrum, Garcia-Pellon has been suffering mental difficulties for some time. A recent attempt to have her admitted into a local mental health facility failed for some reason.

After meeting with her client and friend at the county prison Tuesday morning, Labrum sounded exhausted.

She said every indication is that Garcia-Pellon was not in her right mind when she stabbed her husband to death. Sources say she will be on a 15-minute suicide watch for the foreseeable future.

White and his family lived in Swarthmore before moving to Wallingford a few years ago.

White was a basketball player in the team at the University of Pennsylvania between 1976 and 1979, but developed his professional career in Spain.

At 6-foot-10, White could have dominated at the little gym in which we played, but he chose not to. Instead, he passed and rebounded and set picks for his teammates. His team usually won, but not always because he refused to dominate. He played a neighborly game.

He played for several teams in the ACB Spanish, including Miñón of Valladolid, where he met his wife, the Club Nautico de Tenerife, the Gijón Cacaolat Granollers and Basketball.

The couple has two college-age children, and neighbors that have defined García-Pellón as a “very sweet,” have pleaded appalled by the crime.

They came back to America, had two children and went to work. With the help of Labrum, Garcia-Pellon became a naturalized American citizen not long ago.