Mitch McConnell hinted Republicans might ‘filibuster’ the vote

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Mitch McConnellMcConnell to Filibuster?

Mitch McConnell will do anything to get out of working for the American people.  Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader said he would not delay the vote on Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense.  In turn, Minority Leader McConnell hinted Republicans might ‘filibuster’ the vote.

The Senate panel debating Hagel’s nomination will vote on his confirmation this afternoon, after he reassured them in regards to his position on Israel, Iran, and other minor issues.  Carl Levin, (D-MI), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told the panel:

“Much of the time and attention at our committee hearing was devoted to a handful of statements that Sen. Hagel made over the course of his career that raised legitimate questions about his views on Israel, Iran, and other issues,” Levin said in his opening statement before the committee vote.  “Sen. Hagel explained or clarified these statements and placed them in context.  He apologized for one remark and told the committee that he “would say other things differently if he had the chance or were making them over.”

Levin went on to note that Hagel has provided assurances on his support for Israel and his view of Iran’s nuclear program as a legitimate threat.

It appears the most disrespected Senator in the United States will continue his policy of saying “no” to any proposal, and idea, any nomination Mr. Obama extends.  He is the worst of the worst.  Elections are more than an affirmation or change of a position, they are frequently a mandate by the people.  Senator McConnell, if you are not representing the people of this country, who do you represent?

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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