MLB Spring Training Starts Sunday

Zack CoxIt may be blizzard season in most of the country, but it will soon be Spring training in Florida and Arizona. As MLB players emerge from their winter slumber to throw a small white leather ball with red stitches 90 plus mph and then hit said ball 400 plus feet in the opposite direction, we shall cover you moving forward with team by team breakdowns, and previews.

Baseball used to be Americas national pastime, a time for father and son to go to the park and watch the Mick and Maris help create the Bronx Bombers. To go and see the Red Machine and Pete Rose. Baseball may have fallen off with all the technology and the need for people to do this and that. Yet spring training brings on a new season, new hopes, new chances for history to be made.

201212151522553208726-p2This off-season we saw Josh Hamilton join Albert Pujos, we saw the Miami Marlins clean house, the Toronto Blue Jays say thanks to the Marlins for the players, and recently Ryan Braun in PED news. Just the usual in the MLB.

The Yankees made little news in the off-season as did the Red Sox , Cubs, and Rangers. The Tigers and Giants, World Series loser and winner did little to improve themselves. The Braves added the Upton brothers, B.J. and Justin to bolster their team defensively. The Dodgers landed top free agent pitcher Zack Greinke, to add to their spending splurge late last season.

All these moves are wonderful on paper, but as the Red Sox have learned paper doesn’t earn victories. Spring training will give us our first look at all these new players. How will the chemistry be for each team, again go back to the Red Sox to find out how important can chemistry be.

The surprise of last year the Baltimore Orioles will be highly covered and highly scrutinized this season. Can they make the jump the Tampa Bay Rays did several years ago? Most thought he Rays were a one year fluke, yet they has sustained their winning ways. The Blue Jays were big players in the offseason, seeing how they all come together will be interesting.

billygoatscurse_display_imageThe first pitchers and catchers are set to report on Feb. 10. The Cubs, Indians, Red Sox and Rockies will give us are first look of the 2013 baseball season. This could be a season of history and for one or a few fan bases it will also be a season of misery. There will be the surprise team, think Blue Jays, and the team that under achieves, think Yankees, but spring training gives every team and every fan hope, that this is our year. Well unless you have an angry goat ghost haunting your franchise. By Steve Kish

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