NASCAR Nationwide Crash Injures 33

Crash Injures Fans in Daytona

Crash Injures Fans in Daytona


The Nationwide Series is a NASCAR sponsored series occurring the day before a major race.  It is designed to keep the fans present and entertained at the venue.

Today’s race ended unfortunately.  Near the end, leader Regan Smith’s car was turned sideways when it was struck by the car driven by  Brad Keselowski.  The accident was unavoidable because Keselowski was nearly bumper to bumper with Smith’s.  Kyle Larson’s car was catapulted into the air and struck the catchfence separating the track from the grandstands.  One tire and the engine lodged in the fence, but the other tire landed nine rows up in the stands through a hole created by the impact.  When Larson’s car settled, the entire front of the vehicle was missing all the way up to the cockpit.

At least 33 fans were injured.  A track worker said he saw one woman with a tourniquet, and several with burns.  Another fan had Larson’s tire land directly on him.  Two fans were taken to nearby hospitals with critical injuries.

“I think to see and explain what we know right now is there obviously was some intrusion into the fence, and fortunately with the way the event’s equipped up, there was plenty of emergency workers ready to go. They all jumped in on it pretty quickly,” Helton said.

“Right now it’s a function of trying to determine of what all damage is done. They’re moving folks as we’ve seen to care centers and taking some folks over to Halifax Medical Center. We’ll be able to update you later on, but all we know is everybody is working hard on what all happened.”

Tony Stewart missed the pile-up and won the race with an aggressive move from inside to outside on the final lap and was both a survivor and the winner.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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