Nets Look to Add Hawk’s Smith

The  Brooklyn Nets are pursuing the Atlanta Hawks Josh Smith according to league sources.

josh_smith_display_imageAtlanta is deciding whether to part with Smith and get something in return before he becomes a free agent this summer. They are in a damned if they do damned if they don’t situation with Smith. Do they trade him and get value for him, and lose an attractive piece to sway Dwight Howard to sign with his hometown Hawks, or do they risk not trading him and losing him in free agency and also lose out on Howard.

As for the Nets they are the most aggressive team in the league before the Feb. 21 trade deadline. They ae also in talks with the Charlotte Bobcats to acquire Ben Gordon. With only enough pieces to get either Gordon or Smith and not both, Smith has been made the priority. The Nets have offered Kris Humpries and second year guard Marshawn Brooks for Smith. It will most likely take more than that to pry Smith away from the Hawks.

If the Nets can not come up with a straight up trade for Smith they made need to find a third team to help facilitate the move. League sources report that the Hawks want a young center in return for Smith. The Nets do have Brook Lopez, but it is highly unlikely they would include him in any trade. BY Steve Kish

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