New Details Emerge in Google’s Project Glass

They’re not your momma’s glasses.

New details on the Google Glass device have emerged in a test report published by the Federal Communications Commissions. The web giant’s latest project may look like a simple pair of glasses, but in all actuality is an New Details Emerge in Google’s Project Glassaugmented reality headset.   According to the FCC report, it plays video, audio and includes a vibrating element.   The device can also store video files and be recharged with a power cable (although battery life on the device is allegedly still a work in progress).

Over a wireless connection, the headset can overlay augmented reality information about the wearer’s surroundings, retained from Google search and location data, on to their view.  It’s like a smart phone…except on your head.

The $1,500 device (which Google co-founder Sergey Brin was recently photographed wearing on a New York subway) is expected to be delivered to software developers this year and to the general public by the end of 2014.

Article by NM Lorde

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