NRA has revived its 1970’s “enemies list.”

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NRA has revived its 1970’s “enemies list.”More Idiocy by the NRA, and Other Political Tidbits

The NRA has revived its 1970’s “enemies list.”  The “honorees” Include  George Clooney, Chaka Khan, the American Medical Association, Bon Jovi, C. Everett Koop, Sean Connery, Bruce Springsteen, Albert Brooks, Tony Bennett, Jack Nicholson, Britney Spears, Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah Winfrey.  There are many more.

They are posted on the NRA website under the banner “National Organizations with Anti-Gun Policies.”

As it did in the 70’s this is likely to alienate more people than to add sympathizers.  There are many more organizations and individuals who are pro-gun regulation than against.  If you’re on it, stand proud.

Another sign that Hillary Clinton may be running for President in 2016 is her new website launched on January 31st.  It is named, and is linked to her 2008 website, the one she used during her Presidential campaign.

She has made no definitive statement about her future goals with the exception of speaking, writing, and campaigning for women’s rights around the world.  She indicated she may be active in the Clinton Global Initiative founded by her husband.

It was no surprise, just relief, when FOX did not renew Sarah Palin’s contract.  What is a surprise is that it was announced today that Dick Morris’ contract was not renewed.

Morris, a long time contributor to FOX, had not been seen since shortly after the November election.  He will appear on the “Piers Morgan” show at 9 p.m., on CNN.  Morris said:  “Piers and I have a lot to talk about, and I am excited that Piers is giving me this opportunity,” Morris wrote cryptically. “You won’t be disappointed, so tune in.”

FOX’s ratings have diminished since the November election.

A recent report listed 54 countries where United States agents detained terrorists or those suspected of aiding terrorists.

The “Open Society Justice Initiative” reported that different countries offered different types of assistance including secret prisons, and the use of airfields for refueling aircraft.

Amrit Singh, author of the “Globalizing Torture” report, told the Times she found evidence that 25 countries in Europe, 14 in Asia, and 13 in Africa, as well as Canada and Australia, had lent support to the CIA.  “The moral cost of these programs was born not just by the U.S. but by the 54 other countries it recruited to help,” said Singh.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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