President Obama voiced concerns of his Secretary of State nominiees

Let’s Get Something Done

President Obama voiced concerns of his Secretary of State nominieesPresident Obama has voiced his concerns about the prolonged confirmation hearings of his nominees for Secretary of State, and head of the CIA.  These two posts are critical to national security.  Insiders say that he has shown anger with the GOP for their delaying tactics.

Chuck Hagel, nominee for Secretary of Defense, is an extremely qualified candidate, and has answered all questions put to him by Republicans.  Their one unspoken objection is that he is not a “hawk”.  He has demonstrated that he will “talk first, and shoot only if he has to “.

Hagel and John McCain are former friends, both worked together in the Senate for Republican issues.  But Hagel refused to support McCain in the 2008 election, he remained neutral.

McCain and Lindsay Graham have led the opposition to Hagel’s nomination, but now both say they don’t think he’s a good choice, but will not vote against him.

Republicans have criticized his support of Israel, and his so called soft position on Iran.  They also cite past statements regarding nuclear weapons, and are angry about his criticism of the Bush administration’s foreign policy and their rush to war.

As for John Brennan, Republicans still say they want more answers about the incident in Benghazi.  They got them.  Shut up and vote.  As for the inane questions put forth by Rand Paul, you also got your answers.  If you don’t like drones, do a little work and write some legislation.

The American people had to put up with the unqualified and arrogant Donald Rumsfeld for years.  Bush’s CIA director lied to the American people about 911 and Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

Once again I must remind the GOP.  You lost the election, get over it.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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