Reno NV: Saturday Night Shooting Leaves One Dead

Man Shot by Police Officer in Reno Dies

Reno NV: Saturday Night Shooting Leaves One Dead

Police responded Saturday night to a call involving “domestic violence”.  They knew which house it was before they arrived.  Some of them had been there before.

“This is a house we’re familiar with,” said Commander Mac Venzon with the Reno Police Department. “A house we’ve responded to a number of times. I don’t know exactly how many times, but even the officers who responded to the scene were familiar with what was going on.”

As officers arrived at the home on the1400 block of Elizabeth Drive near Idlewild Park, one of the Watch Commanders said an officer perceived a threat, pulled his gun and fired, killing a man.  A woman who was also present was not injured.

Police have not released any details about the name of the deceased, or what might have led to the incident.

Sparks police will be taking over the investigation.  This is standard policy in an “officer involved shooting”.

The officer to shot the individual is on paid administrative leave.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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