Saints Hire Rob Ryan as Defensive Coordinator

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas CowboysThe Saints have hired Rob Ryan to repair a broken defense. Ryan was let go by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys on Jan. 8 last month. The Saints defense had a historically horrible season. Ryan will be designated to stop the leaks in the Saints defense.

The futility of the Saints defense was record-setting. They gave up 7042 yards, a whopping 6.5 yards per play and 49 total touchdowns. The yardage given up by the Saints was an NFL record, reminding fans of  the 1980 ‘Aints.

Reports had Ryan hired by the St. Louis Rams late last month. Though after a second visit with team officials and coach Jeff Fisher he wasn’t hired as his addition wasn’t a great “scheme fit”.

Ryan led the Dallas defense to a mediocre 19th ranking last season.  By Steve Kish


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