Saturday’s NCAA Results

Losses by No. 3 and No. 5


images (1kkEarlier today I reported that Michigan was upset by Wisconsin today in an overtime thriller, 65-62.  The Wolverines, ranked No. 3 at the time, will most likely move down several spots in the rankings Monday, when the new top 25 is posted.

In another surprise, No. 5 Kansas, who lost to unranked Oklahoma State, then to TCU, lost again Saturday at Oklahoma 72-66.  The Sooners led for the last 34½ minutes.  After Wenesday’s loss, Bill Self called his team, “the worst team Kansas has ever put on the floor”.  It didn’t seem to spark them.

Meanwhile, No. 2 Florida soundly defeated Mississippi State 83-58.

So, what will we see Monday?  Florida will undoubtedly lead the top 25.  If Duke wins at Boston College, they will most likely move up to No. 2.  After that it’s a computerized result.

Gonzaga, currently No. 6, and Arizona, No. 7, could move up several steps in the rankings.  Kansas, with a 3 game losing streak, appears to be a team without floor leadership.  Michigan and Indiana seem to have lost their identity.

If you have previously looked forward to the most exciting tournament in sports, the “Road to the Final Four”, you may be in for the best yet.  With none of the top 25 teams dominating, even in their own conferences, the NCAA title may come down to the team that wants it the most.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express