Seattle Seahawks Leroy Hill held on $150,000 Bail

628x471Leroy Hill, a Seahawks linebacker, is accused of assaulting his girlfriend. He made his first court appearance since being charged.

Hill’s girlfriend told police she was assaulted multiple times over a five hour period on Tuesday. In the report it states that she was hit 15-20 times by Hill, which included Hill using a bottle of alcohol on her legs and torso. Hill is being held on a $150,000 bail in King County. Friday he is scheduled to make his second appearance in King County District Court.

Hill’s girlfriend also told police that Hill took away her cellphone, and restrained her from leaving his home. She adds Hill cut up two of her purses and a pair of shoes.

King County is holding Hill on third-degree assault-domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment-domestic violence charges. These are both felonies in the state of Washington. By Steve Kish


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