Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Erupts After Loss To Marquette

Jim Boeheim

Jim Boeheim Erupts:

No. 22 Marquette defeated No. 12 Syracuse 74-71 Monday evening.  That was only a part of the story.

Two weeks ago Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim called a reporter an “idiot”.  After last evening’s loss, he spoke in complete sentences.

Freshman forward DaJuan Coleman (who has been out since Jan. 26 with a knee injury but is cleared to play and has been practicing), remained on the bench.  After the game, one reporter ask coach Boeheim if Coleman should have been put in the game to slow Marquette’s Davante Gardner, who scored a career high 26 points.  Boeheim insisted that his two best defenders were on the court, but followed:

“You should try coaching because that’s what you think you are,” Boeheim said. “Maybe you should try that.”

Subsequently the 68 year old coach was asked if his team lacked leadership on the court.

“I don’t even understand that,” Boeheim said. “You think because you come to Marquette and lose a three-point game you need a new guy? I don’t.”

When there was a break in the questions, Boeheim used it to continue at reporters.

“Any more coaches here? Want to ask another coaching question? I’d be happy to take it. I’ve only been doing this 37 years, I’m sure you’ve got more ideas of who we should play or we shouldn’t play or who should lead? What do I know?”

When the questioning changed directions about the Orangemen leaving the ACC next year, Boeheim took a shot at the league:

“It is what it is,” Boeheim said. “If they had signed the TV deal for $17 million per school, I guess they are signing one now for about 2.5. That was a good decision. Big East brought it on themselves. Sign the TV deal and nothing would have happened. They were going to get more money? Didn’t work out that way.”

After the room went quiet again, Boeheim continued.

“Any more ideas for me guys? I think you ought to know by now if you start asking me those questions, I just laugh at you. That’s all I’ll do.”

He waited for a moment’s quiet, said, “Go get your Pulitzer someplace else”, as he got up and left the room.

I have always had great respect for coach Boeheim.  He has endured pressure both on and off the court, and success is proof of his coaching ability.  He has proven his relationship with his team, and continually put their safety and well-being in the forefront.  Although frustration may have forced him to go a bit “overboard” with his comments, sports reporters often ask questions that are intended to create a certain response.  Last night they got what they asked for.

James Turnage

Columist-The Guardian Express

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