“ The Sequester” takes place in less than two weeks

“ The Sequester” takes place in less than two weeks

“The Sequester” A Gift to Democrats in 2014

Congress is on a ‘break’.  Why not, there’s nothing important to accomplish in Washington.  They only ‘work’ an hour or two a day when they’re on the job anyway, and that is only for about 100 days a year.

It’s less than two weeks until the “sequester” takes place.  It means automatic cuts in defense spending, education, funding for border patrols, and hurricane relief.  Federal employees will face layoffs due to a cut of 85 million dollars mandated by an agreement between Republicans and the President to reduce the deficit by 1.2 trillion dollars.

A plan offered by Democrats Thursday included increased tax revenues balanced with gradual spending cuts.  The response from Republicans?  The same one they have offered for over 4 years, reduce the deficit, and per their usual input, they don’t offer a single constructive idea as to how that might be done.

The do have destructive ideas, reduce social security and Medicare, programs that you pay for out of every paycheck.  Their only “positive” idea?  Reduce taxes for the wealthy, the “job creators” who are making record profits.  The only jobs they are creating are part time, minimum wage, offering no benefits.

Will the “sequester” affect you?  Damn right it will.  If you travel by air, you will stand in longer lines at the security checkpoints.  If you are employed by the federal government, you may be part of the increased number in unemployment, or at the very least have your wages frozen for eternity.  If you live on the border between Mexico and the United States, expect more illegal immigrants on your property.  And, if you are low income, and have children in school, expect cuts to programs which aid in the development of school standards. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, “The most vulnerable students will be hurt the most,”

“Tea party people are saying the sequester is a pittance,” Sen. Rand Paul, a leader of the tea party faction of the Republican party, told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “It’s just very much the beginning. $1 trillion? We’re going to increase spending by $9 trillion. So even with the sequester, spending goes up by $7-or-$8 trillion over the next several years. We’re not even getting close to scratching the surface of the problem.”

I challenge Mr. Paul to come up with one positive, constructive idea to increase revenue and improve the nation’s economy as a whole.

When President Clinton left office all the programs that TEA Party Republicans want to cut were fully funded.  The Bush administration inherited a surplus.  In turn “W’s” failed administration put us into debt unimagined by any of us.  His legacy to President Obama was horrific, but not included in the budget was the actual cost of two failed wars.  When Mr. Obama was honest with the American people, and included them in his own budget, Republicans feigned disbelief at the numbers, although they were the ones who put us there.

If the “sequester” occurs, and I’m hoping it does, polls show that the American public place the blame for our failed government directly on the shoulders of Republicans, and the 2014 elections will make it extremely difficult for them to retain seats in Congress.  So let it be.  I’ve had it with the “do nothing” party.  If Democrats regain control of the house, and Boehner is out on his behind, some work might get done.

I say “sequester away”.  I don’t fly anyway.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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