Top Gun 3D becomes increasingly ubiquitous

Top Gun 3D becomes increasingly ubiquitous
By Forrest Hartman

Top Gun 3D
3 stars
Rated PG for action sequences, language and some sexual content
Available on a Blu-ray 3D combo pack that includes Blu-ray 2D and digital copies of the feature

As 3D technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, filmmakers are not only releasing new movies in multiple dimensions, they are reworking old favorites. The latest picture to receive a 3D upgrade is “Top Gun,” the 1986 drama about Navy fighter pilots training for air combat. As a rule, movies filmed using 2D technology, aren’t particularly engaging once converted, but “Top Gun” truly benefits from the added depth.

Directed by the recently deceased Tony Scott (“Unstoppable,” “True Romance”), the film stars Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, an arrogant pilot struggling to overcome his father’s soiled military reputation and his own propensity for rule-breaking. Because of his innate skill, Mitchell and his flight officer, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards), earn a spot at the Top Gun school, where they train and compete with the best pilots in the Navy.

“Top Gun” follows their exploits both in and out of their aircraft, and the simplistic story holds up relatively well even a quarter century after the film’s original release. The visuals look great on Blu-ray 3D, and the extra-dimensional effects are incorporated throughout the movie. They are, however, at their best during action sequences.

The most notable downside to “Top Gun” is that it’s obviously a product of its era. Unlike the best classic movies, everything from the music to the melodramatic dialogue emphasizes the film’s 1980s roots. For newcomers, that may be distracting, but for longtime fans the nostalgia should be part of the charm.

Extras on the new “Top Gun” combo pack include multi-angle storyboards, music videos for several soundtrack songs, numerous making-of featurettes and an audio commentary featuring Scott, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and co-screenwriter Jack Epps Jr.

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