U.S. Military Coming Home From Afghanistan

Some Good News From The “State of the Union”

U.S. Military Coming Home From Afghanistan

In tonight’s “State of the Union” address, President Obama will announce some good news.  A year from now, 34,000 troops will be ‘on their way home’  from Afghanistan.  There are about 66,000 at present, so that will be more than half.

According to a Washington Post poll, Mr. Obama will be adhering to the wishes of 80% of Americans who want to remove our presence from the war zone.  When the final withdrawal is completed in 2014, the President is fluctuating between 15,000 and none as the number remaining to assist Afghan forces.

In January President Obama met with President Hamad Karzai of Afghanistan.  The two agreed in accelerate the transition when the Afghan army will take control of military operations.  They were to begin in mid-year, but will now take over in the spring.  Afghan forces are leading approximately 90% of missions at present.

When our role in the war ends next year, any U.S. military personnel left behind will be part of the  International Security Assistance Force, known as ISAF, and will exist only for training and in an advisory capacity.

“By the end of 2014, we will responsibly bring our war in Afghanistan to a close,”an official said, adding that Obama made his decision “based on the recommendations of the military and his national security team,” consultations with Karzai and “international coalition partners.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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