2014 Democrats vs. Three Right Wing Parties?

2014 Democrats vs. Three Right Wing Parties?In 2014 Will We See the Democrats vs. Three Right Wing Parties?

The Sequester became an unexpected reality.  Or was it?  When President Obama proposed it, and Republicans signed off on the idea of spending cuts that were so ridiculous neither party would allow them to happen, did the President foresee the end of the GOP as we know it?

There is no leadership on the political right.  Boehner and McConnell are self- imposed leaders but have few believers, fewer followers.  They are mere puppets of lobbyists and big business.

There is no question that Mr. Obama is far more intelligent than his Republican adversaries.  He has forced them to play into his plan.

The mandatory spending cuts will undoubtedly create some of the difficulties the President has predicted, but not all of them.  There may be some flights cancelled by airlines on routes that were unproductive.  There may be longer lines in security at the nation’s airports.  We may see necessary adjustments in our education system.  And we will certainly see some reductions in the defense department, which will help to reveal billions of dollars of waste.

None of this will devastate a growing economy.  But the political ramifications are immense.  Not only will Republicans be blamed for any hardships, big or small, but these cuts may ignite a firestorm in the GOP, and force the end of what was once a balancing party, full of ideas and policies to promote the growth of America and the working class.

I foresee a division that will evolve into two or even three separate parties.  The Tea Party will finally become what it is, a group of unqualified individuals funded by big business who will continue their extreme right wing policies and practices.  There will be the centrist Republicans who will see the history of their party and realize that they can still be a powerful and necessary force in restoring America to its place as the Greatest Country in the world.  And there will be the “Carl Rove” Republicans.  Just as it was in the Bush administration, these right wingers will all vote in unison.  There will be no diversion from the “party line”.  They will vote as they are instructed to vote, or suffer a political death.

The President discovered a weak and unenlightened foe when John Boehner became the Speaker of the House.  He was, and is, incapable of performing his job.  He is arrogant, easily influenced, and lacking of intelligent discourse.  McConnell has been focused on only one thing, destroying Mr.Obama.

The President has maneuvered them into exposing themselves for what they are, fools.

I am not implying that the President wanted to have the nation suffer these mostly ridiculous spending cuts.  But I do believe he was absolutely sure about the Republican position, ensuring their enactment .

When there is a war, and one side has an intelligent and courageous leader, and the other side is controlled by several “would-be” generals, battles are lost before they begin.

President Obama won the battle in November.  He will certainly win the war.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express


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