Alan Simpson Calls Out Todays “Wannbe” Republicans

Alan Simpson Calls Out Todays “Wannbe” Republicans

I did not always agree with Alan Simpson.  Formerly he was a Republican Senator from the state of Wyoming.  In 2010 Simpson was appointed to co-chair President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform with co-chair Erskine Bowles.

Endorsed by 60% of legislators, their report, which featured cuts in many programs including entitlements, was never brought to the floor for a vote.  The reason was that it contained compromises by both Democrats and Republicans.  That would violate this Congress’ beliefs.

Today, in a Los Angeles Times interview, he laced into his former Republican colleagues.  Never a man to keep his thought to himself, he challenged them on their position regarding gay marriage.

“What is this homophobic strain in our party?”

He went on to attack the Party for its stand on abortion, saying it was most likely the reason Republicans lost so many seats in last year’s election.

Abortion is “a deeply intimate and personal thing,” and that “men legislators shouldn’t even vote on it.”

When campaigns began for the 2012 election, my own analysis was that the majority of Republicans had left their party behind years ago.  Mr. Simpson is a perfect example of true members of the GOP who had ideas, and knew how to compromise for the good of the American people.  And, I admire him for his lack of prejudice, unlike his former colleagues who are in office today.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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